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Head of Industrial Division, Mettler Toledo
Managing Director CESAB Carrelli Elevatori Spa
General Director, NICOLAS-CORREA S.A.
Director Sales & Marketing, Ljungby Maskin AB
Managing Director of Thorworld Industries Ltd
Chairman and Managing Director of W Lucy

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CECE-CECIMO-CEMA-EUROMAP-FEM had just published joint comments on MEP Pietikaïnen's draft report on the Market Surveillance proposal.


CECE-CECIMO-FEM-EUROMAP-CEMA welcome the proposal of the European Commission 'Product Safety and Market Surveillance Package', adopted on 13 February 2013.


Machinery industries organised an event to discuss the recently presented Product Safety and Market Surveillance Package.

Sector organisations

Europe' s Association for plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers
European Materials Handling Federation
European Association of the Machine Tool Industries
European Agricultural Machinery
Committee for the European Construction Equipment
European weighing industry

Coordinating organisation

The European Engineering Industries Association